About CoinPoker

With the emergence of blockchain technology, our team of seasoned poker professionals saw the opportunity to use these developments to improve the world of online poker. The desire to address the security, transparency, and payment processing issues prevalent in our industry is what led us to develop and launch CoinPoker in 2017.
The Power of Decentralized Poker
Powered by cryptocurrency transactions, CoinPoker players deposit, withdraw, and place bets using CHP tokens. In addition to offering simpler and safer transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, a fully decentralized Random Number Generator will give players the ability to monitor their own impact on card shuffling.
CoinPoker Affiliate Partner Benefits
In addition to offering poker players a revolutionary product, a substantial percentage of our revenue is allocated to launching promotions of epic proportions. By becoming an affiliate partner, you will able to wield our marketing materials and special offers to collect your own cut from every referral.
In order to reflect your efforts as an affiliate partner, our revenue share model is progressive. This means that the more players you refer, the higher the share percentage goes. Join the program today and and sit back as the CHP tokens pile up.